“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.”

- J. M. Barrie

About Broadway Worthy
About Broadway Worthy

The Broadway Worthy! mark represents the power an adult has to inspire a child, demonstrated by the the smaller shoe following in the footsteps of the larger one. It is a challenge to the Broadway community to stand up and make a difference. And, of course, it looks like an exclamation mark - conveying the exciting possibilities ahead for a brighter future.

About Broadway Worthy

Broadway Worthy! is dedicated to empowering the Broadway community to step up and inspire our youth. Committed to connecting the individuals and organizations that are helping to lead the way in creating possibilities for a generation wherein a child’s dreams may take flight and land on their feet.

We want to tell their stories, and to help write new ones.

Broadway’s Place in the Community

Broadway has always been a leader of social change. From the forefront of Civil Rights, to the marching tunes at the battlefront of the great World Wars, not to mention the community’s reaction to the AIDS crisis with the incredible founding of BC/EFA. Broadway has always been there as the voice for those who needed one.

Broadway, and New York City, have the biggest talent capital in the world. Within each and every performer exists an inspiring story, the realization of a young child who overcame adversity and fought for their dreams to have their voice acknowledged by the lights of the Great White Way.

Theater has proven itself time and time again as a positive influence on the behavioral development of youth, especially at risk youth. Yet, so many children in New York grow up without so much as seeing a Broadway show or even being offered the opportunity to experience the thrill auditioning for a school play.

Broadway Worthy! hopes to create opportunities where traditional Broadway experiences fall out of reach. To find ways to connect the artists and industry of Broadway with the need in it’s community.

To this day participation in extracurricular activities in school appears to be one of the few interventions that benefits low-status, disadvantaged students, and yet, participation remains low for poor and minority students (mostly due to widespread funding cuts). We envision a Broadway community that is mobilized and transformed, to find pathways to reach out and make the magic of Broadway available to all.

A community that strives to provide creative experiences of affirmation and emboldening of self worth where no one else is.

Our Founder

Caleb Forlong

Caleb is passionate about connecting communities with the need in them. It just felt right that he find a way for his love of theater to evolve into a mission to help inspire others.

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