Our Founder

Caleb Forlong

Our Founder

Caleb is passionate about connecting communities with the need in them. It just felt right that he find a way for his love of theater to evolve into a mission to help inspire others.

I first traveled from New Zealand to the United States in 2012, I was entranced by the bright lights of Broadway and fell in love with both the community and the art. Through all of my life my involvement in theater has the single greatest source of personal growth. Now, after spending a lifetime learning to live with my own chronic illness, and learning to believe I was worthy of happiness I found joy in life and a purpose in theater. Now I dream of seeing communities transformed.

Broadway Worthy! isn’t about whether or not you are good enough to stand on the Broadway stage and perform at curtain time. It is about a Broadway community that inspires others to believe that their dreams are worthy. To help create a world where everyone has access to the beauty of theater and the lessons it has to teach us; to living a life fulfilled.

“It is one of my life’s many goals to share joy with children who have never had the opportunity to experience the true power of theater; the power to transform not only our experience of the world, but our experience of who we are.” – Caleb Forlong