You’ve been Scarred by the Stage

By Caleb Forlong

9 Things Youth Theater Did To You As a Child

You’ve been Scarred by the Stage


We all know that kind of person; the one beaming with confidence as the walk in the room, and holding their head high as if the troubles of the world wash right off their shoulders. A person who can stir in you both jealousy and awe; where you wish they would slip on an icy footpath and at the same time wish they were your best friend.

Welcome to the world of Broadway, where being that person can make or break you. Here everyday performers made of the toughest skin run from auditions, to open calls, to the stage. It all started somewhere though.

Scholars tell us that childhood experiences in the theater positively effect an individuals capacity and readiness to create their own identity and their ability to sustain relationships with others. These are regarded among the most important qualities for successfully negotiating from youth to adulthood.

Did you ever sign up for (or were reluctantly persuaded) into a school play? Would you believe that strapping on those fairy wings and dancing through the woods, or scrubbing the floors as Orphan Annie formed part of who you are today? If this is what your childhood looked like, then there is a part of that person inside of you. You can consider yourself, one of us!


Without further ado. The 9 ways in which theater have made you who you are today.


1. Improved confidence.

Knowing as little about the world as you did way back when and getting up in front of that audience has given you a confidence to face any situation.

2. A heightened ability to make friends.

Once you’ve experience being part of a cast family you understand true friendship. You’ll spend the rest of your life searching for that kind of friendship!

3. An improved ability to be oneself!

You found yourself whilst owning that performance of ‘I Can’t Stand Still’ in Footloose when you were young. You know what you are capable of and who you want to be in this world.

4. Open mindedness.

You realized during your high school production of ‘Rent’ that there are people from all different walks of life and that different isn’t necessarily wrong.

Youth Theater

5. An ability to understand and work with other people.

You had to listen to the director, stage manager, music director, and arduously work with the ego of that one 13 year old that thought she knew it all.

6. An improved ability to express oneself.

You’ve spoken the words of the best poets and writers in history. Hopefully you’ve picked up a couple things.


(Need I say more?)

Waiting for Godot Mischief

8. Diversion from getting in trouble.

Your theater experience kept you busy and taught you how to focus your time so you wouldn’t end up where you shouldn’t.

9. An increased ability to deal with difficult/negative experiences.

Not every performance went off without a hitch but, you’ve learned that the show must go on!

These are qualities that every resume should carry! The question then is what can we do to pass that rush on to today’s youth so they can have their own Tevye moment in the spotlight?

Tevye To Life


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